Create What's Next.

Expat Society has an unparalleled environment formed out of a shared interest in a diverse perspective, curiosity for the world, and a close-knit community. A home away from home, our society fosters genuine, life-long friendships across physical and digital spaces.

We are looking for the next generation of problem-solvers, creative thinkers, and global nomads to grow our network. Join us in building a community in your city.


  • Start something.
  • Working to inspire, to make a difference, to create something that matters.
  • Team-work and real-life start-up experience.


  • Brand
  • Structure for operations
  • Start something that has an established brand, vision, and process. Work with us to bring Expat many steps into the future.

Worldwide Community

  • To build a life-long community
  • To solve the problem of a social network, merging together the physical + digital world
  • To build a global network and bring what we’ve created to the world
  • By joining us, you can help to bring disconnected people, who otherwise wouldn’t have crossed paths, together