Jaycie Luo
Bay Area, California

I actually was never that involved in film. It wasn't something that my parents and I were familiar with until I came to USC. After getting into Marshall and taking more cinema classes though, I finally decided to pick up a cinema minor.

I think it took so long for me to pick up the minor because it wasn’t the practical thing to do. My mom has always been really adamant about how important grades and success were, but once my parents saw how interested I was in the film industry, they really turned around and supported me.

Right now, I’m in the process of working as a middleman between USC and a Chinese film company. This company plans to launch a summer study abroad program where USC students can learn about the film industry in China and create a short film at the end of the program. I’d also work to get student films presented at Chinese film festivals and online channels in China through this company as well as distributing their own films here in the states. And this past summer, I worked at Beijing Television Station in China in their news department editing and updating the channel’s Wechat for each episode.

From what I’ve experienced so far, I’m interested in doing the business and commercial side of film because it mixes business and creativity. Being able to come up with content for shows and movies is an interesting process, but being able to say, ‘ok, we only have this much time and this much money’ and then having to figure out the logistics is an exciting part of the film’s process.

The most exciting part to me is not knowing whether a film is going to be good in the beginning of the process. You have to figure out how to engage with the audience and persuade them that it’s going to be a great idea to create this film. Film is truly a piece of artwork that takes so many people coming together to focus and create a beautiful experience.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about creating my own piece own short film. I’m studying abroad next semester in Vienna, and the idea is that I will travel to a bunch of different places and record little videos to create a short piece.

I’m thinking of having the audience follow a girl in her thoughts because we all go to different places within our minds and the different countries I will travel to will be portrayals of the places I travel to in my own mind. I want to show people a different perspective through travels. I feel like places can encapsulate particular emotions, and I want to present those feelings through cinematography and storytelling. I want people to be able to see my short film and experience these different places through my eyes.

The world holds so much beauty in its landscapes, peoples, and cultures and I want to be able to capture it in a way that showcases how I see this beauty.

Jaycie is a junior Business Administration major with a minor in Cinematic Arts. She is a senior producer for The Morning Brew and the Scoop for Trojan Vision at USC. She is an ice hockey enthusiast as well as a new tattoo admirer. We can’t wait to see what Jaycie will bring to the global film industry.