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Meet Jeronimo Arrigunaga
Mexico City, Mexico 

"Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber!” They were following me all around Bangkok, grabbing onto my shirt, and taking photos of me. 

It was about three years ago. I was a skinny, short-haired 17 year old traveling around Thailand for a family vacation. Our trip began in Bangkok, where we stayed for a couple of nights, Naturally, we decided to go out. We hit a few clubs, until we found a place that’d make us want to stay. The first few clubs and strip clubs were a miss – nothing exciting was going on. The night seemed relatively calm – that was until we hit the last club.

Suddenly, I was the center of attention. “Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber!” Yeah, they were yelling that at me. “Baby” started playing, and this Thai man was heading toward me with a microphone. My brother had shoved his way through the crowds, collecting people’s phones and telling them they couldn’t take pictures. Safe to say, we were playing along with their idea. So this was definitely not the moment I would want to get caught. “I’m not in the mood to sing, I’m on vacation” I tried reasoning. They bought it. I thought I’d give them a little gift though, and so I ended up dancing across the stage. Soon came the free drinks and girls. Poor girls thought they made out with Justin Bieber!

So yeah, a funny story? I guess my night as Justin Bieber would do."

We may all wish Jeronimo was actually Justin Bieber, but for now he is a sophomore studying Business. He is yet to figure out what path he wants to take in life, but what he is most excited for in life are these kind of unpredictable experiences.