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Pedro Salles Leite
São Paulo, Brazil

'Don't drive fast over the speed bump, Dad! I'll lose my idea.'

And with that, I was back where I love to be - down the rabbit hole, my mind in a frenzy of ideas. Daydreaming is often regarded as a waste of time, and according to one of my teachers, petit mal seizures.

'Consider having him tested,' my parents were advised. But it's in my dreaming that I find possibilities, ideas, solutions, and stories. After all, my idea of a meat-carrying robot came to me in the car, winning me an innovator award and first-place for my team in Brazil's Destination Imagination competition, qualifying us for the Global Finals in Tennessee.

I always saw beauty in the mundane: I broke open kitchen blenders, dismantled vacuum cleaners, and spent countless moments observing motors. By simply wondering why things couldn't be different, I went on to create many different dreams: from a soup cooler (because I don't like hot soup) complete with a fan and a magnifying glass (so I can detect tropical bugs that invaded my bowl) to technological experiments. I embraced the process of trial and error, learning from every achievement and some glorious failures.

At age 12, the denial of the first app I submitted to the App Store did not come as pleasant news. That was when I realized that I had three options: 1. Throw a tantrum and give up, 2. Blame the Apple review team, or 3. Try to understand what I did wrong and improve. A year later, my "Figurinhas" app, an inventory for stickers, had received over 1,600 downloads on Apple's App Store. Fun fact: my Apple Certification landed me a job offer from a multi-national, which was later withdrawn when they discovered I was only 14.

I've always seen my world as one of possibilities to dabble in, from robotics to magic shows to DJing to the discovery of my passion for filmmaking. At age 10, I took my first editing course at DRC, a professional training school, and I felt a connection with film that nothing else gave me. I experimented with angles, lights, and settings, finding an unrivaled way to bring my craziest dreams to life.

I am constantly creating, reveling in that incredible, exciting nexus of ideas, and bringing those ideas to life. I am not sure what my future holds, but I know there is a world of endless possibilities ahead of me and that I'm going to learn a lot along the way. I am looking forward to a future of imaginings that make me soar, with or without the speed bumps.