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Will Detwiler
Brooklyn, New York
Expat Society Georgetown

I love car rides with other people.

Across the world, under the roofs of cars I’ve had some of the best conversations of my life for one simple reason—there is nothing better to do.

Growing up, in the car with my mom, all roads led to one reoccurring discussion: When we win the lottery, how we are going to spend the money.

In the car with my dad, we would always return to the mental blackboard of what company we are going to start.

As I’ve grown up and changed and developed, I’ve always carried one trait on my back. I become passionate about things way too easily. This characteristic led these conversations to become chains of creativity and excitement that I will always hold close to my heart. Though neither of these two “conversations” have yet to materialize, they taught me to always think forward and to try and do more wherever I could.

When I was 13 years old I became obsessed with fishing in the summers. When I started to figure it out, my family’s freezer constantly stunk of bait and our patio was decorated with fish scales from cleaning fish. In case you didn’t know, fishing is an expensive hobby, and one that becomes more fulfilling when you own a boat.

That summer, in the night, a very close friend of mine and I developed our get-rich-quick plan. We would help farm my family’s large garden all summer long and when crops began to yield, we would open a farm-stand on a bustling corner in our tightly knit summer town. With our earnings we would buy a boat, and proceed to charter that boat for fishing trips. We would sell our surplus meat to the local market, and make our hobby one that we would profit off of.

Long story short, we spent two summers selling produce every summertime Friday and Saturday and made over $1000. We never got our boat, but that doesn’t mean that every second working wasn’t worth it to me. Together we brainstormed for hours and relished in the excitement that only youthful imagination can create.

The way that those discussions with my parents fueled this childhood dream taught me to always continue to do what I love, even if its inconvenient, and more importantly, to never lose the drive that creativity inspires.