The Expat Society is an international network of expats, mobile citizens, global nomads, & friends. We bring together great people from all over the world who, while often separated by borders and oceans, share a common upbringing that values diversity, worldly perspective, as well as a taste for great events and good times. 

Am I An Expat?

An Expat is a global citizen, a cosmopolitan, an international. We loosely use the term 'expat' to cover anyone with global curiosity or perspective. Our aim is to build on the international exposure and connection many of us fostered in school, while inviting others to join our global community. So, if you're reading this, then yes - you're likely an expat. At least in our book.

Why does Expat Society exist?

We exist to create an environment, place, and community that connects these people, all of whom share a multidimensional perspective and an appreciation for diversity. Our mission is to cultivate a group of global leaders who collaborate and change the world together. In doing this, we offer an amazing experience completely geared towards the needs of these expats, providing the unique experiences they want, an identity they admire, and the global interconnectedness they know and love.

How Can I Join?

We want to bring together expats from all around the world, creating a network and a community on which people can rely wherever their work, travel, or life takes them. That said, as we build this community together we're looking for committed, energized, and worldly people. 

We're not about the pursuit of exclusivity or elitism. Instead, we're selective so that we can manage our membership and guarantee the best possible experience. Apply for membership here.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining And How Does It Work?

So what do you really get out of it, right? At the core of what we do, we host amazing events and provide our members with unique experiences. This can include anything from a killer party (last year we worked with Sony Pictures on the launch of the new James Bond film, Spectre) to a group outing or activity (Boxing, Hiking, Art Gallery Visits) etc. The beauty of what we do is that we can host almost anything that our members find interesting or cool.

We're not a cult, or with that, a clique, but we do try to create a sense of community. We promise not to take over your life (or your identity) like other organizations. What we can guarantee is that you'll meet some great people that you're likely not to run into elsewhere.

More specifically, Membership includes:
• Entrance to all our events
• Exclusive invitation to member experiences and career talks
• Member only merchandise
• Your Story in our Member Features
• Expat Society's platform to shout out your personal projects and achievements

How Do I Join The Executive Board?

We're thrilled your interested in contributing to The Expat Society. Board members are crucial to setting the society's vision, organizing its various components, and its spirit. 

Joining 'the board' involves a two-step process. First you apply for our mentee program (for details on this see the next question). After being accepted and working closely with a board member for a semester, you will be invited to interview for the Executive Board.

Mentee Program

We have big ambitions for The Expat Society. Goals that go far beyond university campuses. So we're looking for the very best to play a role in building the society. As a mentee, you will receive an official title (e.g. Head of XYZ) and work closely with members of the board. You'll gain an insider's perspective into the society and a hands-on experience in building an enterprise. Join our close-knit, passionate, and occasionally a little crazy community we have on board.

Applications for the LA mentee program are done on a rolling basis through this link.